We are a slow fashion brand, focused on reversing the many problems identified in the fashion industry.

The clothing industry currently makes up at least 7% of the total waste in global landfill space. Knitwear already has a leg up in sustainability due to minimal excess waste. However, fast fashion continues to contribute to the destructive behavior of the industry with toxic manufacturing practices and the use of cheap materials.

In addition to environmental issues, fast fashion practices contribute to many ethical concerns. They are often made in sweatshops where underpaid workers are productive for long hours in unsafe conditions and are exposed to harmful chemicals used in textile production.

Our solution is to lead with sustainability from conception to the closet. Eco-friendly yarns are our first choice, followed by a bold design, and responsible production and packaging.

Slow fashion pieces are generally made with more care and attention to detail, while fast fashion items are often churned out quickly and with little consideration of quality, thus contributing a large amount of pollution and CO2 into the atmosphere every year. Eiram aims to gradually increase our variety of colors, sizes and styles within our produced collections, while committing to our stance on slow fashion and limited production.

Eiram pushes forward the representation and employment of women, especially BIPOC. The fashion industry has a significant deficit in Black female decision makers, yet we are one of fashion’s growing percentage of consumers. While the racial diversity of models in the fashion industry has improved substantially over the last decade, there is still a disappointing lack of representation of Black decision makers. We pride ourselves on interpreting BIPOC women in front of, and behind the camera, from models to stylists to makers to managers. Boosting and supporting female decision-makers of color in the industry means creating more possibilities for all marginalized people to utilize clothing to define their place in the world.

Eiram not only creates a tangible product but builds a community product through our fair trade initiative, Luka. Luka is an initiative based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where small-batch apparel and accessories are produced by local hand-knitters. Our designs are knit by the Luka team, who are mostly women supporting their families. Our vision for Luka is to create a system of support, opportunity, and growth within a community rich in artisanal talent. With the proper soft infrastructure and financial support, we can begin tackling a host of challenges local to Victoria Falls, while spreading awareness and addressing sustainable clothing manufacturing. We envision Luka growing in talent, equipment, and exporting over time.

The goal of Eiram is to expand on the Luka production site and spread the impact of ethical practices by employing BIPOC decision-makers in the industry while contributing to the health and healing of our planet. You can learn more about or contribute to Luka here.

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