Kourtney Hankins, founder of Eiram. Photo by Iryna Nelson.
Photo Credit – Iryna Nelson

Eiram [Marie reversed]

Pronounced ee-rahm ˈiːɚɹˌɑːm

Designed by Kourtney Hankins, Eiram is a sustainable knitwear brand that focuses on slow fashion, fair trade, and natural, biodegradable yarns while incorporating unique shapes, details, and patterns that create an opportunity to make a statement. Eiram provides innovative knitwear designs for the dynamic person who takes pride in their uniqueness. We offer a variety of knitwear options beyond a basic sweater. Each design embraces liberation and individuality without sacrificing the foundational benefits of knitwear, such as comfort, minimal waste, low maintenance, and versatility.

Eiram’s values include eco-friendly, ethical operations, artisanal knitting, and inclusivity. Eiram has been featured in ELLE, Glamour, and L’OFFICIEL and endorsed by Tamron Hall and Derek Warburton.

Knitwear designer Kourtney Hankins holds a dual degree in Business Management and International Fashion Design. During her tenure in Milan, Italy, she began her career as a knitwear designer after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s exchange collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. Kourtney worked as a knitwear designer for Missoni, Agnona, and 3.1 Phillip Lim and has lived in Milan, NYC, and Shanghai before launching Eiram in 2020. Eiram is named after Kourtney’s mother, Marie.

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