A collection inspired by the powerful elements that we see every day, but rarely appreciate. They collect moisture from the clouds and channel it down to earth in the form of water and energy. Clouds provide an important link between rain and snow, oceans and lakes, and plants and animals. They are powerful enough to create sound, water, snow, and ice, yet appear as light as a pouf of cotton despite weighing more than one million pounds.

Their endless shapes can add beauty to a bright afternoon or terror in the middle of the night. 

This collection is made of biodegradable yarn cotton, and cellophane which, when married, create a lightweight, billowing effect. This is a collection of layers, transparency, and movement, in an attempt to emulate real clouds. Shot in America’s Southwest, we invited the mountains, desert, and cacti as support in dedication to the floating beauty above us.

Creative Direction: Kourtney Hankins
Director of Photography: Iryna Nelson
Model: Kourtney Hankins
Hair: Medina

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